We are closed for an extended Christmas break this year. Orders placed after 9/12/23 will not be fulfilled until after 17/1/24. We wish you and your family a safe and happy Christmas!



Christmas 2023 Processing Periods

Please note that Curtain Ninja's order fulfilment warehouse will be closed between Saturday 9th December 2023 and Wednesday 17th January 2024.  Any orders placed during our close-down period will be processed from Wednesday 17/01/24.

On behalf of the Curtain Ninja team we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Safe & Happy New Year!

  • Katrina Hodge
Sylon releases new and improved Over Lap Arm!

Sylon releases new and improved Over Lap Arm!

Sylon have updated the overlap arm! This new and improved style will be available through Curtain Ninja when current stocks are sold out. All existing Sylon tracking is compatible with the newer style.
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Acmeda Easy-Lift Spring Boosters Now Available

Acmeda Easy-Lift Spring Boosters Now Available

We're excited to announce that Acmeda's Easy-Lift Retrofit Spring Boosters for roller blinds are now available for order from Curtain Ninja!

Large roller blinds can sometimes be difficult to operate, requiring increasing force to operate the chain mechanism and increasing wear and tear on the chain and clutch components.

Easy-Lift Retrofit Booster components make it easier to open and close your chain operated roller blinds.  When closing the blind an internal spring is tensioned with the force of gravity, and when you open the blind the spring provides assistance to reduce the amount of effort you need to apply to the chain.

Shop now for 40mm and 45mm variants of these boosters.

Acmeda Blind Selection Information

Acmeda Blind Selection Information

We know how hard it can be to try to find the correct parts to repair an existing Roller Blind. Many of the variants look similar and it's hard to get accurate measurements of components when they're installed or worse, when parts have broken off.

To help you find the right Acmeda parts we've produced a couple of very quick guides that compare the options and help you identify your existing components:

Acmeda Blind Style & Sizing Variant Information

Acmeda Blind Component Colour Selection

  • James Hodge

Measuring Guide - Using Existing Rods

To help make it easier for you to measure your windows for new custom curtains, we've prepared a series of short instructional videos to explain the process for you.  Simply follow the steps in the videos and you'll be well on the way to ensuring your new curtains are a perfect fit for your windows as well as your decor!


  • James Hodge

The Curtain Ninja Quick Guide to Curtain Track Maintenance

For regular maintenance of cord or hand operated curtain tracks we recommend the use of a silicone based lubricant applied to the track extrusion, runners and all moving parts in a cord operated track.  Application on a 6 monthly basis is typically sufficient to ensure reliable operation of most tracks, however in situations with very heavy curtains or in a high dust/dirt environment this application interval may be shortened.

Although most silicone lubricants are non-staining and should not leave marks on your curtains should they be accidentally oversprayed, we recommend pulling the curtains away from the application area and avoiding directly spraying the face of the fabric with the lubricant.

Any silicone based lubricant should be suitable for this purpose, however we recommend Helmar H4000 lubricant.  Oil based lubricants such as WD-40 are NOT suitable.

Beyond lubrication we recommend regular inspection of runners and overlap components, and replacement of any components that are dragging or otherwise not sliding smoothly on the track.  Runners for example can become difficult to slide as they go brittle with age, and replacement of the runners at less than 30c each is far cheaper than repair of gyprock and replacement of brackets if a stuck runner causes the user to put too much weight onto the cord mechanisms.  Runners to suit Sylon, STM and McKechnie tracks are available on the Curtain Ninja Track Parts page.

With cord operated tracks, the most common cause of failure is moving the curtains by hand rather than using the cords.  When a cord operated track is moved by hand the tension in the cords is not taken up evenly on both sides, which often leads to the cord becoming tangled around the track runners.  The overlap and underlap arms that pull the curtains along the track also become bent when downwards force is applied by moving the curtains by hand, as they are not designed to withstand downward pressure in the same way as the springy runners are.