McKechnie Style Face Fix Brackets Now Available

McKechnie Style Face Fix Brackets Now Available

Curtain Ninja is pleased to announce we now sell a face fix bracket solution for old McKechnie-style aluminium curtain tracks.

Adding to our existing Top Fix fixing solution for McKechnie tracks, we now offer a 100% backwards compatible Face Fix bracket to suit either single or double track configurations.

These brackets allows you to face fix a single or double McKechnie-style track to a wall, architrave or window frame, with an adjustable track projection from approximately 80-130mm depending on track chosen.


McKechnie tracks are connected to their brackets using a Cam Lock device - a small swivelling piece which provides the join between track and bracket and allows for easy removal of the track if required.

The 'official' McKechnie cam locks are no longer available, however we have been able to source a face fix bracket with cam lock which uses a McKechnie-style cam that is compatible with McKechnie system tracks.


McKechnie tracks supplied before 1998 will most likely use a plastic Cam Lock, which is prone to becoming brittle and snapping after long exposure to UV light.  These plastic Cam Locks have now been updated to a fully metal version, providing significantly longer life whilst remaining fully compatible with previous Sylon systems.

These Cam Locks are suitable for McKechnie brand tracking systems.  Sylon, STM and Styleline tracking systems have a very similar track profile but require a different Cam Lock specific to that system.

You will note that this cam lock is slightly shorter and stubbier than an original McKechnie cam lock.  This does not affect the compatibility of the cam lock in original McKechnie tracks - this piece has been tested by numerous customers and all have reported success.

Important Note:

These cam locks are not available separately, and can only be purchased as a combined part with a face fix bracket (this part) or with a top-fix plate.  Although the cam lock can be removed from the plate and installed into an existing face fixed bracket, you may need to file down some paint around the keyhole ridge of your existing bracket as these cams appear to be slightly thicker than the original McKechnie cams.

Some older (1970s & 1980s) McKechnie brackets use a Cam Lock which is pop-riveted to the bracket, with the two pieces permanently attached.  If you have this style of McKechnie bracket you will need to take down that bracket and replace with the new Cam Lock and bracket arm included with this part.


These metal Cam Lock parts come in White only.


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  • James Hodge