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Acmeda Easy-Lift Spring Boosters Now Available

Acmeda Easy-Lift Spring Boosters Now Available

We're excited to announce that Acmeda's Easy-Lift Retrofit Spring Boosters for roller blinds are now available for order from Curtain Ninja!

Large roller blinds can sometimes be difficult to operate, requiring increasing force to operate the chain mechanism and increasing wear and tear on the chain and clutch components.

Easy-Lift Retrofit Booster components make it easier to open and close your chain operated roller blinds.  When closing the blind an internal spring is tensioned with the force of gravity, and when you open the blind the spring provides assistance to reduce the amount of effort you need to apply to the chain.

Shop now for 40mm and 45mm variants of these boosters.

McKechnie Cam Locks - Solution Available

You may be aware that we have been struggling to obtain stock of the McKechnie Cam Lock parts for some time.

We are pleased to announce that we have now found a suitable alternative product - a combination cam lock with top-fix bracket which comes in a McKechnie style that is compatible with original McKechnie tracks.  These new parts are in stock and ready to ship!

For more information or to place an order please check out the product page here.