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How To Measure - Curtains

How To Measure Your Curtains:


I Have Existing Tracks or Rods

The easiest way to ensure an accurate measurement with your custom curtains is to base your measurements off the placement of your curtain tracks.  To help you with the measuring process we have prepared two videos with steps you can follow depending on the type of tracks or rods you have installed:

Start by measuring the width of the track in millimetres.  This measurement will be the width of the curtain that you should specify on this order page.  We will automatically add an allowance for returns (an extension of the curtain such that it can fold back around the end of the track towards the wall), and we will add a 3% 'creepage' allowance so that the curtains aren't stretched too tight when you draw them closed.

Next you'll need to determine the height of your curtain.  The height you specify will be the exact height at which we make the curtain, so you will need to be careful to include allowances as follows:

  • If you want your curtains to touch the floor, specify the height as the exact height from the top of your track to the floor.  That is, if your track is 2100mm from top of track to the floor, specify the height for your curtain as 2100mm.
  • If you want your curtains to sit just short of the floor, we recommend you subtract 15mm from the total height.  That is, if your track is 2100mm from top of track to the floor, specify the height as 2085mm (2100mm-15mm).
  • If you want your curtains be short length, measure the distance from the top of your track to where you want the curtains to stop.  This is the height you should specify for your curtain.


I Don't Have Any Existing Tracks or Rods

I Want To Install New Tracks or Rods with my New Curtains

If you do not have curtain tracks installed, or wish to replace existing tracks with new ones, you will first need to determine where the tracks are to be fitted.  Again we have prepared a video to help you through the process:

Some general suggestions to help with the process:

  • If you want the curtain to be split as a pair such that it pulls back off the glass when opened, extend the track past the sides of the windows by at least 10% of the window size.  For example, if your window is 1000mm in width, extend the track 100mm further on both sides.
  • If you want the curtain to slide in one piece, extend the track by 20% of the window size on the side the curtain stacks towards, and by 50mm on the opposite side.
  • For improved light and heat insulation we recommend fitting the curtain above the top of the window rather than directly on the architrave.  The exact placement should be based on your preferences however we typically work on either 100mm above the architrave or a point half way between the architrave and cornice.

What Happens If I Measure Wrong?

If you make a mistake in measuring your curtains, and they arrive at the incorrect size as a result, there is no need to panic.  We offer an easy alterations and adjustments service and in many cases your only cost will be for return shipping.  Simply contact us and we can guide you through the process to get your curtains adjusted to the correct size.